Guyana Diabetic Association

Description of organisation: 

The Guyana Diabetic Association (GDA) is a volunteer non-profit organisation which was formed in November 1969 by a group of concerned diabetics and has the following broad objectives:

  • To provide a forum where diabetics could air their concerns and offer each other moral spiritual and emotional support to grapple with the complaint
  • To educate its members about matters of a non-technical nature and to provide them with skills which could assist them in coping with the condition on a day-to-day basis.

The association, which began as a study and teaching group operated with the theme:

As a diabetic how much do I know about diabetes?.

Lectures and discussions were given/ held on suitable diets for the diabetic, care of the eyes, feet and teeth. Information about welfare matters, medication and their effects, as well as other effects the condition could have on the body, if the diabetic condition is not controlled was also provided. Additionally information about the importance of exercise in the management of diabetes and the type of exercise to be done by a diabetic were also provided.

The association has a small but active membership operating in the central Georgetown and its environs. Membership is not limited to diabetics but is extended to all persons who have an interest in the malady. Registered March, 16 1973 as the Guyana Diabetic Association is a member of the Diabetic Association of the Caribbean IDACI, which is affiliated to the North American Council INACI a subsidiary of The International Diabetes Federation [IDF].

Statutory meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Nurses Association Hall Charlotte and Alexander Streets from 5:00 p.m. During these meetings there is a business session followed by an education session. The education sessions are conducted by guest speakers with expertise in various aspects of the management of diabetes.

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